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2005 Photo Contest
Worth a Thousand Words
Picture-perfect winners of the annual photography contest

A photo is a window on the world, a glimpse of what life is like from someone else’s point of view.

This year, the winning pictures take us to new places, introduce is us to new friends (and their lounging habits) and show us things in a new way.

In just the click of a camera, the following images manage to warm the heart, tickle the funny bone and, best of all, tell great stories.

Grand Prize
“Changing” by Holly Schmidt, Burlington

Framed, 8-1/2-X-11, original colored-pencil drawing by Raleigh artist Lynn Srba. ($450 value), Lynne Srba - Pet & People Portraits

First Prize
“Seashells” by Kathi Haynes, Raleigh

$150 Gift Certificate, Tosca

Second Prize
“Milo Tanning” by Nancy Flanagan, Raleigh

$100 Gift Certificate, Wide Shoe Warehouse

Third Prize
“Eye of the Mild West” by Jaque Lenz, Kernersville

$50 Gift Certificate, Harmony Farms

Honorable Mentions

Carolina Woman t-shirts

“Eyes” by Letitia J. Davison, Durham


“Purple Beauty” by Sonia Bruck, Cary


“Please Hold Both Handles” by Nan Snyder, Raleigh


“Wet Gardenia” by Mollie O’Dell, Durham


“Peek-a-Boo!” by Dixie Jordan, Clinton


“Yoga Kitty” by Jennifer Claire Smith, Raleigh


“Cool Blue” by Holly Schmidt, Burlington


More Photos
For more photo entries that will catch your eye, make you think or simply brighten your day, click here.


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