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Picture Perfect
2004 Annual Photography Contest Winners

Moments captured, memories frozen in time, moods called to mind, art happening before our very eyes: These are the things that make for a perfect picture.

Readers all over the Triangle submitted scores of entries for the annual photography contest. After days of deliberation, we managed to cull the most striking shots.

Whether composed with an eye for nature or inspired by humankind’s soaring vision, whether taken far from home or snapped in the back yard, the winning photos show encounters with the persons, places and things of life.

Grand Prize Von Kekel, A Day Euro-Style
“Napa Valley Vineyard” by Laurie VanDine



First Prize Papertown, $200 Gift Certificate
“Flower Texture” by Hayley Young


Second Prize Theatre in the Park, 2 Season Tickets
“Baby Bird — First Day Flying” by Shelley S. Cannady



Third Prize Harmony Farms, $50 Gift Certificate
“Brooklyn Bridge, New York City” by Suzanne Fair


Honorable Mentions

“Flower Child” by Kathi Haynes


“Black Cat” by Bridget Doughty


“River Rocks” by Susan Farrar Parrish


“Illuminazione” by E. Meghan Gregory


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